[Fic] Party Animal


hawkstout submitted:

Author: hawkstout

Pairing: JayDick but they’re puppies, TommyBruce

Other Characters: Tim the Border Collie, Kon the black Labrador, Connor HAWK, Roy the hedgehog, Kory and Steph and Catsandra Cain, Wally the Ferret, Gar the Frog, and actual human beings Oliver Queen and Barbara Gordon.

Previously: The Pitbull and Good Dog. Not required to have been read before these but you’re missing out on amazingness if you don’t. :D

Notes: BIRTHDAYS!? This is episode 2.5 of the life of Jason the Pit Bull. Takes place a bit after Good Dog, but before summer time when the third episode of his exploits takes place (but has yet to be written). BUT IT’S SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY (SOON? NOW? WHATEVER I’M LEAVING IN A DAY.) SO I OBVIOUSLY HAD TO DO SOMETHING.

[Note from Cornflake: IT’S NOT MY BIRTHDAY askjfgdhskjgbsdkb but omg. Oh my GOD. THIS PERFECTION, i. *swoons* (Full reply at bottom.)]


It seemed like a normal morning. Jason woke up curled up in his bed. Dick was snuggled against his tummy gently kicking, chasing (or being chased) in his dream.

Then Bruce came in.

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title: BOND

pairing: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd

rating: teen and up audiences

word count: 2.018 

summary: Dick buys Jason a BOND, a touch module to keep them connected. Nothing else changes. Based on this post.

warnings: really vague mentions of death and sex. despise the original post idea, it’s not creepy, jut very fluffy and silly.  

… .

“It’s very new in the market,” the salesman tells Dick. “We only received a few units.”

Dick nods, trying not to look too eager. His interest is clear as he eyes the little device in his hands, however; he knew as soon as he spotted it at the showcase that it would be the perfect birthday present for Jason.

Or, at least, he hopes so.

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Posting the link here for those (and I’m one of you) who prefer to read their stories at one thirsty gulp. 

The Justice League takes a vacation to Bruce Wayne’s private island, and much sex ensues! But this story is a puzzle to describe, because it starts out as a sort of free-for-all orgy fic, and then veers into more complicated territory. It is ultimately Bruce/Hal, so keep that in mind, but Bruce is definitely the little black dress here.



So this is entirely inspired by this piece of art by deandraws.

I had fun with this….I also think this is the quickest I’ve gotten one of these written….EVER! o.O



Hal braced one hand next to the man’s head, leaning over him like a predatory cat. He…

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